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Criminal DefenseFacing a criminal charge places your freedom in jeopardy, and your future in the hands of the criminal justice system. During this time, it is easy to feel like your life is spiraling out of control. Whether you are facing a fine, jail time, or other serious penalties, any criminal charge can cause severe damage to your reputation.

Choosing a highly qualified Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer is the first step in the right direction. By hiring Justin Sparks, former Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney, you are putting yourself one step ahead of the rest.

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Justin Sparks is a former prosecutor with extensive criminal courtroom experience who has been named as one of the “Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth” by Fort Worth Magazine (2010-2012, 2014-2016). Justin has also been awarded the top honor of being named, by peer vote, a Rising Star for Criminal Law from 2014-2016 (Thompson Reuters service printed in Texas Monthly). He knows the progression of a criminal case, and has extensive knowledge on how to gather and present evidence. Justin Sparks also knows how a prosecutor builds cases and how to rebut faulty statements and weak evidence. When a criminal conviction is imminent, Justin Sparks is a priceless asset; he knows how to negotiate the best deal with the Fort Worth District Attorney.

As a criminal defense attorney, Justin Sparks has developed hundreds of defense strategies. Knowing the prosecutor’s next step is a huge advantage. A lawyer’s job is to tell a truthful story, not a false one, and present the client, even if guilty, in the best light. With a solid foundation of evidence and a trust between lawyer and client, an attorney can develop a great defense.

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By working together, Justin Sparks and his clients collaborate and come up with the best defense strategy. The first step toward a great defense strategy is the client sharing the complete story with his/her attorney. By omitting important information intentionally, or fabricating any part of an experience, the client implies distrust of his/her defense lawyer and could harm the defense.

Telling the truth is not the only critical piece of the defense. Credible witnesses, and solid evidence are also major players in the defense strategy. Ensuring that all procedures, such as questioning during an arrest, were done by the book, can have a dramatic effect on a criminal case, especially if the police did not inform the client of his right to remain silent or right to have an attorney present during questioning (Miranda Rights).

Criminal attorneys are fountains of knowledge, there to provide both experience and advice where clients are likely beyond their depth. By helping clients remember all the details of an incident and sharing with the client important information regarding the prosecution’s theories, the client is better equipped to face the judge and the jury on the day of his/her trial.

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Justin Sparks Law Firm is a Fort Worth-based private practice defending citizens who have been charged with misdemeanor or felony criminal offenses in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Justin Sparks provides individualized defense strategies and advice to all his clients, which he has been doing for more than ten years, and will dedicate time to anyone requesting an initial free consultation.  817.334.0300


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