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Drug Crimes

Criminal records are widely available to the general public, and most people don’t care about the circumstances surrounding a conviction – even if you weren’t actually guilty. Thus, it can be difficult to find a job, get a loan, obtain a scholarship, rent an apartment, buy a house, etc., if you have a drug conviction on your record. Beyond those difficulties, penalties for drug crimes tend to be severe, especially when they result in a probation violation. Whether you’re facing a lifetime in jail or a lifetime homeless and jobless, you need an experienced drug lawyer to help you obtain a favorable result.

Severe Drug Fines & Penalties

Texas is known for strict laws regarding drugs, and the penalties for low-level drug users in possession of a controlled substance can result in high fines and jail time. In fact, since 1999, arrests for drug crimes have increased dramatically, and the majority of arrests have been of drug users rather than drug dealers/traffickers. The statistics include those individuals who have become addicted to prescription drugs such as morphine.

Common Drug Crime Charges and Maximum Penalties

Marijuana charge, first offense (<2,000 lbs)

Loss of driver’s license for six months, Fine of $2,000
Marijuana charge, first offense (>2,000 lbs)
Up to 99 years in prison, Fine up to $100,000
Hard drugs (i.e., cocaine and methamphetamines),
possession or distribution
Up to a life sentence in prison, Fine up to $50,000

Incarceration Alternatives for Drug Crimes

Alternatives to incarceration are available for first offenders and individuals addicted to drugs.  Texas Drug Courts are available to defendants whom have been determined to be responsive to treatment, and have been convicted of a non-violent offense. Additionally, you may qualify for a special form of probation called “deferred adjudication.” This can result in your case being dismissed and your charges being expunged after you complete your probation. Involvement in a treatment program may also be a way to reduce your punishment.

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Involvement in drug activity often catapults drug addicts and first time offenders down a dark path of self-destruction with fewer opportunities for a better future. Justin Sparks is a former Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney and drug crimes attorney who understands that good people often make mistakes but don’t deserve a lifetime of wasted opportunity. Justin has helped numerous clients get their lives back on track following drug arrests–contact him today for a free confidential consultation.

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