License Suspension

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License SuspensionSuspended Licenses and Occupational Licenses

The suspension of your driver’s license (an Administrative License Revocation) is an inconvenience that may result from a variety of traffic crimes, substance abuse crimes, and even violent crimes. If you are convicted of any of the offenses below and do not receive deferred adjudication, your driver’s license will be suspended.

In most cases, you can receive an occupational license so that you can drive home and to work to maintain your employment. In order to do so, you will need to file a civil petition. You will be required to obtain an SR-22 from your insurance agent to show prepayment and proof of insurance, then appear in court with your attorney to prove your eligibility and essential need for an occupational driver’s license.

Alcohol & Controlled Substance Suspension

OffenseLicense Suspension Period
Alcohol Beverage Code Violations (Sale of Alcohol to a Minor/Purchase of Alcohol By a Minor)1st offense – 30 days (ABC Sec. 106.071)
2nd offense – 60 days (ABC Sec. 106.071)
3rd offense – 180 days (ABC Sec. 106.071)
Breath/Blood Test Failure90 days if no alcohol-related contact within 10 years of arrest date (Sec. 524.022)

1 year if previous alcohol-related contact within 10 years (Sec. 524.022), plus a waiting period of 90 days to 1 year before the occupational license can take effect in certain situations (Sec 521.251)

Under 21:
1st alcohol-related contact- 60 days (waiting period of 30 days) (Sec. 524.022)
2nd alcohol-related contact- 120 days (waiting period of 90 days) (Sec. 524.022)
3rd alcohol-related contact- 180 days (no occupational license at all) (Sec. 524.022)

Breath/Blood Test Refusal180 days (Sec.724.035)

2 years if previous alcohol-related contact within 10 years (Sec.724.035), plus a waiting period of 90 days to 1 year before the occupational license can take effect in certain situations (Sec 521.251)

DUI1 year (Sec. 521.343)
DWI (1st)Not probated – 90 days to 1 year (Sec. 521.344)

Under 21 and not probated – 1 year (Sec. 521.344)

Under 21 and probated – 90 days if ignition interlock made a condition of probation; 1 year if ignition interlock is not made a condition of probation [CCP 42.12 Sec. 13 (n)]

DWI (2nd +)180 days to 2 years (Sec. 521.344) + ignition interlock (Sec. 521.246)
(1 year to 2 years if offense committed within 5 years of previous offense and a waiting period of 1 year) [Sec. 521.251 (d)]
Intoxication Assault1st offense- 90 days to 1 year

2nd or subsequent offense within 5 years- 1 year (Sec. 521.344)

Intoxication Manslaughter180 days to 2 years (Sec. 521.344)
Possession of Marijuana or Controlling Substance180 days (Sec. 521.372)

Other Crimes Leading to License Suspension

OffenseSuspension Period
Criminal Mischief1 year (Sec. 521.320)
Criminal Negligence Homicide1 year (Sec.521.341; Sec.521.343)
Evading Arrest1 year (Sec.521.341; Sec.521.343)
Failure to Stop and Render Aid (Hit and Run)1 year (Sec.521.341; Sec.521.343)
Tampering with Government Records1 year (Sec. 521.3466, 521.343)
Driver’s License Fraud90 days to 1 year (Sec. 521.346, 521.451, 521.453)
Driving While License Suspended/Invalid (DWLS/DWLI)Same as previous suspension period (Sec. 521.343 (c))
Fictitious Plates, Registration, or Inspection180 days (Sec. 521.3465)
Fleeing90 days (Sec. 521.292 (a)(10) and 545.421)
Racing on Highway1 year

Under 18: 1 year + occupational license restricted to going to and from an educational facility (Sec. 521.350)

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