Federal Crimes

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Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are acts which the United States Federal Government has deemed to be illegal, such as drug trafficking or money laundering and the criminal activity may or may not have occurred on American territory.

If you have been indicted for a federal crime in the Fort Worth metroplex, you will face an extensive judicial process which includes facing a U.S. attorney in many court proceedings, and your case will be reviewed by the federal grand jury.  Having a federal attorney who is fluent in criminal case proceedings can greatly improve your end result.

Protect Yourself from Federal Charges Right Away!

The “burden of proof” lies with the federal government, which mean that the government will employ all means necessary to prove your guilt. Chances are, the federal government has already accumulated a massive amount of information by the time a federal agent contacts you.  By hiring a criminal defense attorney during the early pretrial stages, you will protect yourself from unnecessary confinement and bullying.

What to do after receiving a “Target Letter”

If you have received a letter from a federal agent indicating that you might be a suspect or witness to a violation of federal law, then you need to call an attorney immediately. This is also known as a “target letter.” Even if you are just a witness, in most cases the government will not commit to excluding you from their “suspects list” until their investigation is complete. Whether you are a suspect or just a witness, it is important to speak with an attorney before giving a statement. You may have options you are not even aware of…

Identify All Legal Issues

An attorney can help you go through all aspects of the charges brought against you and the details of your case. All decisions made about your plan of action should be well-informed and supported by research.

Plea Negotiation

In some cases, the federal court is willing to enter into plea negotiations after they have approached you with charges. To increase your likelihood of getting a more favorable bargain, you should have an attorney experienced in the plea negotiation process.

Reduce Punishment

Punishments resulting from “guilty” cases and guilty plead bargains are weighed using the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. It is possible to work to reduce a punishment when you have an attorney who is familiar with the guidelines on your side.

Hire a Top Federal Attorney in DFW

If you have been contacted by a federal agent or have been indicted in federal court, contact Justin Sparks Law Firm. Justin Sparks has over ten years experience in federal defense and can help you protect your rights. Call (817) 334-0300–consultations are free and confidential.


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