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Hiring a Strong Felony Attorney

Felony ChargesIf you are charged with a felony offense, you need to obtain a quality criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and preserve evidence that could establish your innocence. Felony attorney Justin Sparks helps defend clients in Fort Worth, using the evidence and information available and bringing his 10+ years of experience to each unique case. He offers a free consultation to evaluate your case. Once hired, Justin Sparks brings in experienced investigators and consultants to begin pre-trail investigation immediately.

Felony cases need serious care and attention from the onset. If you are contacted by officials–even if you are not formally charged–you should consult an attorney before you give any statements or sign any documents. You could be under investigation before any charges are even brought forward, and should be prepared if you think you may be a suspect in a felony offense.

What Happens If You Are Convicted of a Felony?

Individuals convicted of a felony either serve a prison sentence or a lengthy period of supervised probation and will have very limited employment prospects. You may have your drivers license and other professional licenses revoked if convicted.

All felony convictions are reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety and become a public record viewable by employers and others. An employer faced with two equally qualified persons will always hire the one with a clean record instead of the one with a felony conviction. Individuals convicted of a felony will see their lives turn to follow a completely different course.

Why Choose Justin Sparks Law Firm?

Justin Sparks is a former prosecutor and has been trained to spot flaws in arrest warrants, search warrants, and indictments that other attorneys might miss. Flaws in these documents that are brought to the court’s attention require the judge to deny the prosecutor the right to use the evidence against you in trial. Challenging a police officer’s basis for your arrest and demonstrating a lack of probable cause could also result in a dismissal of the charges against you. Justin knows the requirements and procedures in a felony court case, and subsequently how and what to evaluate for your case.

Felonies defended by the Sparks Criminal Defense Firm:

Murder Family Violence Medicaid Fraud
Intoxication Manslaughter Insurance Fraud Medicare Fraud
Sexual Assault Credit Card Abuse Wire Fraud
Robbery/Burglary White Collar Crimes Bankruptcy Fraud
Intoxication Manslaughter Federal Drug Charges Theft
Forgery Drug Trafficking  Aggravated Assault
DWI 3rd Offense Insurance Fraud Kidnapping

Felonies in Texas carry the following penalties:

(along with a fine up to $10,000)

State jail felony: 180 days to 2 years
3rd degree felony: 2 – 10 years
2nd degree felony:2 – 20 years
1st degree felony:5 – 99 years or LIFE
Capital felony: LIFE or DEATH

Felony charges may lead to any of the following…

  • Dismissal
  • Reduction to a misdemeanor offense or to a lower grade felony
  • Placement on deferred adjudication probation (which is not a conviction)
  • Placement on regular felony probation
  • County jail sentence
  • State jail sentence

Felony Charges? Call Justin!

The ultimate outcome depends on the quality of your legal representation. If you are charged with a felony crime, you need an industrial-strength criminal defense attorney to help you avoid potentially life-destroying consequences.  Call Justin Sparks Law Firm today for a free case consultation.

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