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Criminal accusations, investigations, or an arrest have the tendency to blind-side even the most prepared individuals. Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that we never intended, and life can feel incredibly overwhelming. If you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge or if someone you know has been arrested, you MUST face this problem head on. Justin Sparks is a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer ready to defend your case, all you have to do is call.


The Sparks Law Firm defends state criminal charges and federal criminal charges in Fort Worth. Justin Sparks is licensed by the state of Texas and the Federal Court to defend criminal charges ranging from firearm violations to capital murder. Laws such as the those pertaining to drug possession or drug trafficking are extremely perplexing, and if not carefully navigated through the court systems, the accused could find themselves spending many years in jail without cause.


Dallas/Fort Worth Firearms Attorney

Each state of the United States has it’s own set of laws governing how a person can buy, sell, carry, and use a firearm. The gun laws set by the federal government are not necessarily enforced upon each state, but protect the citizen’s rights to “bear arms.” The gun laws enforced by each state can either have a broader or more limited scope than the laws set by the federal government. If you travel frequently from state to state, its prudent that you know the laws if you intend to carry a handgun. The gun laws in Texas are changing, and hiring a lawyer who stays updated on changing laws will be the most helpful firearms attorney if you have been charged with a gun law violation.

DUI/DWI Criminal Defense

Deciding to get behind the wheel after a fun night of drinking can have disastrous consequences. The punishments assigned to DWI/DUI offenses are heavy, and are meant to deter drivers from committing deadly mistakes. Huge fines, jail time, and licenses suspension or complete revocation can set a person back for years, especially if you’re unable to get to work or lose your job. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, a lawyer who is apt to educate rather than judge, is fundamental in terms of creating a trusting bond between lawyer and client. Justin Sparks has proudly defended hundreds of DWI offenses, and is responsive to his client’s needs.


Federal Crimes Attorney

Justin Sparks has defended hundreds of Federal Criminal cases such as fraud, conspiracy, and drug trafficking. If you are concerned that the federal government suspects you of a federal crime, call Justin Sparks right away. Justin can coach and educate you on your rights, and prevent any further damage. In a federal case, the burden of proof lies with the federal government. There are a number of federal agencies legally employed to investigate federal crimes such as the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the IRS and the Secret Service. Justin Sparks is licensed by the State of Texas and the Federal Government to defend you.

Assault Attorney at Law

There is only one way to walk into a courtroom when you are facing an assault charge, and that is with a powerful defense attorney well versed in the Texas Penal Codes. Assault offenses are regarded as serious crimes and remain on your permanent criminal record, which is why it is very important to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Justin Sparks takes the time to sit down and educate his clients on their options and their rights. Expunging an assault charge can be incredibly difficult, with the wrong lawyer. Give Justin a call if you or someone you know is facing assault charges.

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