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Fraud is an extremely general term for a plot devised to take advantage of others. Fraud is a criminal act that federal courts in DFW (and nationwide), have substantial authority over. The US federal government has the power–and the funds–to go after anyone they suspect of fraudulent activity. Expect a rigorous investigation from the FBI, CIA, or DEA, etc., and a grueling prosecution process if faced with fraud charges.

In many cases of suspected fraud, one must consult “case law,”  laws that have been established by the outcome of former cases, to help determine what constitutes fraud. Imagine standing before a judge and jury who have a very broad understanding of the term fraud and defending yourself against whatever evidence has been brought against you. This is when you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you sort through fraud charges and demonstrate your innocence.

Fraud Charges

There are several different forms of fraud that can lead to a conviction. Fraud can be committed as an employee, a consumer, or as a a public citizen. Some fraud charges may be accompanied with other criminal charges, such as theft or additional white collar crimes. Below, a list of common forms of fraud that Justin Sparks can help you defend yourself against.

Fraud Convictions

With a conviction of a federal crime on your record, you can imagine that your chances to regain employment, housing, or credit are severely compromised. Your life can feel like it has been put on hold while you sit in a federal corrections facility. Be proactive if you’ve had a fraud charge brought against you and minimize the damage on your reputation and future.

Hiring A Fort Worth Fraud Attorney

A federal fraud attorney should have a thorough understanding of fraud from defending multiple former fraud cases, and studying multiple federal fraud case outcomes. Hiring an attorney with a deep understanding of fraud will ensure a fair trial.

Looking to minimize consequences? The solution is simple: hire a hard-working and experienced former prosecutor who knows his way around the state and federal courts to help you navigate the criminal law maze. Call 817-334-0300.


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