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Types of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud in the Dallas/Fort Worth area occurs when someone insurance-fraudmakes a false material statement or reports false information to an insurance company, submits a false application for insurance, or obtains money from filing a false claim with an insurance company. There are several different types of insurance fraud:

  • Property claim fraud occurs when someone falsely claims that personal property was lost or stolen in a burglary, or sets fire to a building to collect insurance benefits, or exaggerates the amount of property damaged in a loss.
  • Automobile claim fraud is where someone claims that the vehicle damage was worse than it really was, or stages an automobile accident.
  • Healthcare claim fraud happens if someone claims to have a false injury to obtain payments or prescription medication, or when a health care provider submits claims to an insurance company for procedures that were not really performed. (The charge is slightly different if the patient is on medicare/medicaid.)
  • Workers compensation claim fraud is where someone tries to receive benefits from work via a faked injury.
  • Life insurance fraud occurs when someone tries to collect life insurance by faking someone’s death.

In order for charges to become a conviction, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you acted with intent to deceive the insurance company. You may have made an honest mistake without an intent to defraud–this can be a defense to insurance fraud. Your ability to defend against insurance fraud charges depend on the facts of your case and having a defense lawyer who will put the time and research into investigating them.

Texas insurance Fraud Punishment

The penalty for insurance fraud is determined by the amount of the false claim. If the false claim is less than $2500, it is a misdemeanor with a punishment range of up to one year in jail and up to a fine of up to $4000. For false claims of $2500 or more, it is a felony offense with penalties ranging from 180 days in state jail to 99 years in prison, and a fine of up to $10,000.

The consequences that face an individual convicted of insurance fraud can affect their professional, social, and residential life. With an experienced fraud attorney, your case may result in a more positive outcome such as dismissal, reduction of offense, or deferred adjudication.

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