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In the last several years, state and federal governments have escalated their efforts to uncover and prosecute perpetrators of internet and computer crimes. New legislation has been passed to criminalize conduct that was once legal, and task forces have been deployed to entrap individuals who utilize the internet and computers to violate the law.

The cyberspace is monitored by the cyber division of the FBI, who is quick to take action on suspected criminals. If you have been charged with an internet/computer crime, you need to hire an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights and bring forward evidence that could establish your innocence.

Cyber CrimesWhat Qualifies as Cyber Crime?

There are many types of behavior on the internet that are considered misuse and qualify as a cyber crime. The most common forms of internet crime involve minors and invasive/inappropriate behavior.

Possession of Child Pornography: Knowingly or intentionally possessing visual material that depicts a child younger than 18 who is engaging in sexual conduct.

Online Solicitation of a Minor: Communicating in a sexually explicit manner with, distributing sexually explicit material to, or soliciting sexual conduct from a minor under 17 over the internet, by email, or via text message with the intent to commit a sexual offense.

Online Impersonation: Engaging in one of the following without consent and with intent to harm or defraud:

  • using the name of another person to create a web page;
  • posting or sending messages on a commercial social networking site; or
  • sending an email or text using the name of another person

Invasive Visual Recording: Recording, broadcasting, transmitting, or promoting a visual image of someone in a bathroom or changing room by electronic means with intent to invade their privacy without their consent.

Breach of Computer Security: Accessing a computer, computer network, or computer system without the effective consent of the owner.

Electronic Access Interference: Interrupting or suspending access to a computer system or network without the effective consent of the owner.

Electronic Data Tampering: Altering data as it transmits between two computers in a computer network or computer system through deception and without a legitimate business purpose or introducing ransomware onto a computer, computer network or computer system through deception and without a legitimate business purpose.

Unlawful Decryption: Decrypting encrypted private information through deception without a legitimate business purpose.

How to Respond to Cyber Crime Charges

If you are contacted by law enforcement officials about an internet or computer crime, do not make any oral statements or sign any written statements without first consulting with a qualified attorney. It is possible that you are under investigation before charges have been filed against you.

As soon as you come into contact with charges, you should become aware of your legal options and have an experienced defense attorney look into your case. Otherwise, you may make a mistake that could change the outcome of your case and trial. Cyber crimes lawyer Justin Sparks will examine the charges brought against you with an eye for possible defenses.

Defenses to Internet Crimes Accusations:

  • The computer the crime was committed on is regularly used by other individuals
  • Your computer was hacked
  • The search warrant used to confiscate your computer was deficient and lacked probable cause
  • The evidence is insufficient to prove that you committed the crime

Justin Sparks will use skilled computer experts and forensic scientists to analyze the evidence against you. Justin will often seek a reduction of charges or a dismissal, depending on the state of the evidence and the witnesses available for your defense.

Cyber Crimes Charge? Call Justin Immediately

A cyber crime offense is often a serious offense that must be addressed as soon as possible. If you have been charged with a cyber crime or internet crime, call Fort Worth cyber crimes lawyer Justin Sparks at 817-334-0300. Justin has served the citizens of Dallas/Fort Worth for over ten years, advising numerous defendants on their cases.

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