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Charged with Forgery?

A forgery conviction can result in a felony on your record. You can be charged with forgery for creating a falsified document or using, sharing, and even possessing such a document.

Being charged with forgery does not mean that you are guilty, however. If charged, you need a forgery defense attorney who is able to counter the evidence against you and mount an aggressive defense to the charges. The type of document forged determines how the case is filed under Texas law and what will be the resulting punishment.

Forgery Includes the Following:

  • Passing a forged instrument to another with the intent to harm or defraud. An example would be presenting a forged check to be cashed even if the actual forgery was done by another.
  • Altering, making, completing or authenticating a document without consent by changing the document or by forging another person’s name.
  • Possessing a forged instrument with intent to present it to another

Forgery Punishments

The punishment for forgery depends on the type of document that is forged. Forgery of a government record, social security card or money is a third degree felony. Forgery of a credit card, will or commercial instrument is a state jail felony. If the forgery occurred to obtain – or in an attempt to obtain – property or a service (e.g. presenting a forged check in a retail transaction) the punishment is determined by the value of the services or good obtained as shown below.

ChargeValue of Property/ServicePunishment
Class C MisdemeanorUnder $100Up to a $500 fine
Class B Misdemeanor$100 – $750Up to 180 days in prison
State Jail Felony$2,500 – $30,000Up to 2 years in prison
3rd Degree Felony$30,000 – $150,0002 – 10 years in prison
2nd Degree Felony$150,000 – $300,0002 – 20 years in prison
1st Degree Felony$300,000 or more5 – 99 years in prison

Defenses Against a Forgery Charge

You need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to work to challenge the case against you. Justin Sparks rigorously evaluates the entire case and stays in regular contact with you as your case progresses through the system, looking into potential defenses for your case.

You Could Be Excused From a Forgery Charge If…

  • You did not alter or sign the document
  • You did not know the document was forged at the time you possessed it or presented it for payment
  • You possessed a forged document but had no intent to present it for payment
  • You had consent to sign another person’s name to the document
  • Reasonable doubt exists to identify you as the person who forged or presented the document for payment

As your defense lawyer, Justin Sparks will have the right to discovery of police reports, witness statements and other existing potential evidence that could help prove your innocence. Make sure you go to court prepared with a strong defense and an experienced attorney.

Hiring a Proactive Forgery Defense Attorney

Having the right criminal defense attorney can be the difference between winning and losing your forgery case. Justin’s goal and priority is to maximize your chances for a successful outcome and keep a conviction off of your record. One optimal outcome is to qualify to have the case dismissed after probation is completed, which could keep your record closed to the public with a non-disclosure.

Justin Sparks will give your case the time and research it needs, using experienced investigators and consultants in preparation for trial. If you have been charged with a forgery crime, contact the office if you would like to learn how the Justin Sparks Law Firm can help you, or to get a free consultation for your case. Call 817-334-0300


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